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  1. I had him for a while to fill in some holes with injuries and byes he was not bad. There just are not a lot of really good TEs anymore and far too many offenses in the NFL have a lot of randomness to their offensive production. Far too often in our league scoring the TE are getting 1-3 points (1/10 rec, no PPR) so unless you have somebody elite you're just shuffling around guys and missing their bigger games.
  2. Mary Kay's like a TMZ reporter, I just ignore most of what she writes because it is sensationalized garbage.
  3. Think he also parted way with his agent last off season, or within the last year. Agree with those saying its all on him, he's had several chances and done little to change. That's why its good to quote the post if you're responding to it Maybe you're referring to all the booze sold through sports, while they have draconian rules on drug use.
  4. 20 yards a piece and 1/10 of a TD
  5. Is there a new award for being the most dysfunctional frachise in the NFL? If not why are the Bears and Bills trying to hard to take the crown?
  6. Was looking for news, and found this Doug Whaley Passing on Patrick Mahomes Rumored to Be 'Final Straw' Before Firing Sounds like something Haslam would do to his guys after he demanded they picked some QB he wanted and passed (there were rumbling last week that Haslam demanded they get Trubisky).
  7. They signed two OL in free agency that should improve it and provide some depth. I doubt they win more than 4-5 games. What they need is consistency and steady improvement, not a new coach and/or GM every 2 years or less. So hopefully this group is given that time to work, I thinking drafting a QB high would have meant a shorter leash.
  8. The Pegulas trying to win stupidest owner award? The GM also hired McDermott as head coach. Maybe they're going to give him more control or let him pick/OK the new GM. Very odd.
  9. massivetwomanures (dang filter, two-sh|ts)
  10. I think those reports I heard about Haslam telling them to use #1 pick to get a QB was well krafted smoke blown up the butt of some NFL expert who was willing to share it with the league as his "expert insider info". That allowed SF to get the Bears to think the Browns (and others) were interested in Trubisky and they had to have him. Not sure if they were considering Mahomes at #12, buf if they wanted Watson he was there at 12 (and they probably could ahve offered the Bills more than the Chiefs to get to 10 for Mahomes). I think this team was not interested in the top QBs with high picks, might take one today or later, as a project to see if he can show something. Otherwise they have 2 first round picks next year (plus some other extra picks in early rounds) to package to move up to get a top QB next year. And I doubt they win more than 4-5 games so they won't have far to move up from. Hoping Haslam has finally learned to stop interfering, and give his guys some time (3-5 years not 1-2) to build this team.
  11. First on the picks, if Browns take Trubisky #1 overall I'm done with them. Second the rumors I've been hearing the most are they will trade #12 and a second (this year or next) to TEN for #5, and take Trubisky there. If they really feel Trubisky is their guy I can understand making moves, or even taking him at #1. But it seems like a collossal reach and earlier in the week a report came out that Hue and the front office wanted Garrett #1 and Haslams (wifey too) told him "Trubisky or Garappalo at QB, using the #1 pick, make it happen". On the bar front, friend of mine was getting together with a group of friend here in suburban Akron, went to reserve a table and could barely get one for 12 because of a big party from Browns backers for the draft, and a wedding party. I was going to join them, but got a late exit from work and still want to get to the gym. Never been a big "drafty party" guy too much wasted time and listening to the annoying "experts". Go Browns, draft BPA for defense, don't worry about QB now. But if you do draft a QB high, he better succeed or you will (rightly) be fired.
  12. He may be totally innocent, he says nothing happened, she went to the hospital that night and they did the rape kit. So the first questions should be "does the test show she had sex, are their signs of force, bodily fluid (is it his)" If he would have claimed to have had consensual sex, then all those things would matter less (signs of force may not be conclusive). The fact that there were other people i the room (yes his friend, and another woman) to corroborate his story, its been a couple of weeks since the incident was reported and investigation started. How much can teams do to find out more and determine what the real risk is. And how far does he fall, 2nd, 3rd?
  13. Meant come back and post an update, damn work got in the way (finally done with at 7PM).
  14. Some top prospects draft status may be tumbling, if a name is released before the draft. Top NFL draft prospect accused of sexual assault in Cleveland Guy who heard some of this on the radio says speculation is one of the OSU DBs (Lattimore or Hooker) both are from Cleveland area. ETA: I was misinformed, Hooker is not from CLE area (closer to PIT from New Castle PA).