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How's your office doing...


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4 large tins of popcorn, 3 fullsize fruit baskets, tins upon tins of holiday cookies, 2 gingerbread houses, mounds of pistachios and a enough holiday cards and music CDs to open a small store.


We must have been good this year, I don't ever remember getting this much crap sent to us. I'll be a porker by New Years at this rate. :D


Edit: And we've still got 2 weeks to go. :D

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So far just a can of peanuts, a few packs of hot chocolate and apple cider and sugar cookies. Haven't gotten anywhere near the amount of stuff we usually get, despite a record year in sales. :D (though its probably better for my health.)

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We started getting stuff yesterday. So far; cashews, wine, cookies & cake. Im waiting for the lapdance... :D

We send most of our clients Rumcakes made by a local baker. These things are so moist, i swear you could squeeze Rum out into a glass!

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well technically the rule is, you can't give someone of a higher pay-grade a gift worth more than $10. so in the federal government, the chit gifts flow uphill.




I was referring to gifts from Vendors, can't be over $25 and not more then $50 per year blah....blah....freaking blah......:D....stupid ethics training class every year

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Not good so far. One gift package of goodies from a go between our largest client, he gets a nice commission throughout the year.


Boss hasn't mentioned when we'll get our Xmas gift yet which is a happy hour with appetizers. :D


Nothing else so far.


Edit for my terrible typing.

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OK, so I thought we were doing pretty good here until my wife started bringing home gifts AND started getting gifts delivered to her from vendors. She's a marketing manager and deals with agencies all over the US and also works with the big movie channels.


Here's what she's gotten:

3 Harry & David fruit baskets

Package of steaks from Omaha Steaks

$200 gift card to Nordstroms

IPOD nano

Reidel vinum cabernet sauvignon wine glasses (4)

Season 1 and 2 of Entourage

and a bunch of other crap.



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