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05 Packers = Lost season


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I'm as optimistic as any, but these two injuries today just pretty much have me of the mind that Green Bay is just going to have one of those "snakebit seasons."


Disappointing losses aside, I don't see how GB can win with it's top 2 RBs and 2 of their top 3 WRs gone for the year. If Green OR Davenport goes down, I'd have been fine with Fisher as the #2 guy. Figuring he's the starter for a while, if not the whole rest of the year, makes me cringe.


And GB's starting WRs are Driver (fine) and....Antonio Chatman? Nothing against him, he's decent, but as a #3 and a slot guy.


Yeah, the defense is improving, but that gets offset by the suddenly-inconsistent Longwell and poor return game.


The worst part is with all the injuries I'll bet Sherman gets a mulligan on the year.


So, I'll sit there in my Nitschke jersey and root for the Pack, but my biggest hope now are for Thompson to grab a good player with the probable top ten pick (I'm thinking GB will finish respectably enough to not have a shot at Reggie Bush, but LenDale White should be available, don't you think?).

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Local beat reporter Cliff Christl apparently said Fergie has a severely sprained ankle and Green aggravated his quad injury.


Green had one of those injuries were he stepped on someone's foot when he planted to cut and just crumpled; those "he wasn't even hit" knee injuries always seem to be season enders. Didn't see Ferguson's injury.


Given the way things have been going, I feel safe in assuming the worst.

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Anybody actually see the game? How bad did it look for Green & Fergie?


IR for both?








NO, I wouldn't say so, but you never know.


Fergy's knee bent slightly backwards, but not really sideways, usuallly worse on the knee. I didn't see an ankle.


Green's didn't look season ending either but if anyone else goes down it may be over. They could be snakebit as Chavez said.

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Big Pack fan myself and have a feeling Favre will call it quits after this season.Tough to see all this happening.It just sucks that the Pack can't field a decent team with a QB of Favres talent.At this point I am looking to the future and will find a way to draft Reggie Bush onto my fantasy team next season if the Pack can get him.I think Ahman is well past his good years and it is time to go another direction.Thank goodness all us sadsack Pack fans have fantasy football to entertain us. :D By the way I predicted 6-10 this season,4-12 might be optimistic now.

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Sun., Oct. 30 @ Cincinnati Bengals

Sun., Nov. 6 Pittsburgh Steelers

Sun., Nov. 13 @ Atlanta Falcons

Mon., Nov. 21 Minnesota Vikings

Sun., Nov. 27 @ Philadelphia Eagles


We could very well be looking at 2-9 come December. At least by then it's the Bears twice and the Lions, which may or may not be an improvement...

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He's in the DL rotation. Previous years he hadn't really been able to find the ball; he's made a few plays and seems to be earning increased playing time. Not penciling him onto any all-pro teams yet, but he's contributing.

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