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2005 Mystery Huddler #5

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I know it's not Ziachild.... he's expecting the stork to arrive, and it could have been today.... so, he might not have been available. Keep guessin!







Yet's he reading this thread right now! Perhaps being a MH was so important he had to bring a laptop to the delivery room?

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I am going to take the clue 'lives W of Tenn/Kent' to mean one of four states:







So time to narrow it down I guess.







I would think Texas is big enough to include in that.. but you're probably right.

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the fact that the clue is "west of ky/tn" and not "west of the mississippi" may be meaningful.  points toward new orleans, maybe.  superballa sounds right to me.  we may also need some more info on biggie fries...







Biggie is still a Cowboys fan.


Rajn is also not an AFC South fan, which is the first name that came to mind when i saw you say "New Orleans".

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Isn't Swerski a Colts fan that lives in Illinois?







no way that's swerski. :D the guy would have to have a pocket protector, slide rule & taped up black glasses to be Swerski. :D:D


Swerski continually corrects peoples' grammar around here..... this freak inbred doesn't even look like he can spell. :D

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So, I'm thinkin what sort of screen name would this toothless wonder pick.... it's JUMPIN JOHNNIES! This guy would jump anything, right?






I'm actually a good looking guy, but I would jump anything.

Edited by Jumpin Johnies
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