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home made wine ?


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I have yet to taste, let alone hear about, a succesful venture in small volume wine fabrication.

And I'm pretty sure the right word isn't 'brew'.

Home made beer: yes

Home made spirits: yes, but with some help

home made wine: no.


remember tasting blueberry wine in maine. GaaaaKKKKK :D


My brother in law brought some strawberry wine that he made over to the house the other night and it was the worst tasting crap I've ever had. Brother in law needs to stop making wine.

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There are some halfway decent kits out there, but keeping the fermenting wine in a controlled environemnt is key. Unlike beer where the strain of yeast that you use influences the final taste, temperature is the key to the final taste provided by wine yeast. Also, you have no control over the juice used. Want to leave the juice on the lees a couple of days? Tough luck.


Good home made wine can be achieved, but there's a lot more to it than beer.


I want to try making bourbon, well since I'm not in Kentucky it must be called whiskey, but haven't gotten up the gumption to build a still.

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I made three types from juice kits a few years ago. Italian barolo, merlot, and a riesling. About 9 cases worth.


Still in the cellar. :D


The merlot was the better of the three. I followed the process to the "T" and all bottles had a bothersome sulfate quality. Decanting helps a bit but not enough.


Wife can't stand the smell brewing beer produces so I tried wine. TRIED I said. :D

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