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How are your fantasy teams shaping up?


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I figured that people were pretty frustrated after this morning/afternoon, so here is a place to vent.


I'll start;

Left Big Ben for 27 points on the bench...ouch - we'll see how Romo does tonight.

Left Marshawn Lynch for 10 points on the bench... while starting Steven Jackson for -2 points.

Left Branch on the bench for Partick Crayton... made this decision to try and make up some points with return yds and receptions tonight for Jackson.

Min D helped me big time.


Have 4 players left to play... my matchup is close, only seperated by 5 points, and he has 3 left to play.

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Another F'n League

Mike Vrablel on the bench (22.50 points) and started Brackett (17.00) and Simms (15.00)

Huddle's Rejects

Started Daniel Graham (5.4) instead of Heather Miller (13.5) (Miller's injuries and Roeths previous play concerned me... obveously not an issue anymore)

Derrick Burggess (2) instead of Kevin Williams (16.50) (Don't expect fatty Williams to get a TD every week)

Nnadmi Assomouagh (4) instead of Mike Huff (12) (:D)

The Faultline

Started Reggie Bush (8.5) over Lamont Jordan (30.9) and Willis McGahee (?) (Hopefully McGahee can make up for stupid Bush)

Started Braylon Edwards (6.9) and Santana Moss (5.8) over Ronald Curry (29.3) (Didn't like the matchups this morning for either of them, just couldn't bring myself to pull the trigger)


Did alright. Not amazing, but alright.


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Riding the pine for me today were:


Local MML:


* Chris Brown (175 rushing yards) in lieu of Warrick Dunn (and, for that matter, Steven Jackson!!)

* Ronald Curry (10 receptions, 133 receiving yards, 1 TD) in lieu of Lee Evans

* Shaun McDonald (6 reception, 90 receiving yards, 1 TD with long bonus point) in lieu of Lee Evans


To be fair here, I started Heath Miller (4 receptions, 35 yards, 1 TD) over the WRs, so I did okay, but watching Curry and McDonald light it up on my bench during the first Lions game of the year was a little aggravating.


Dynasty Wars:


* Mike Vrabel (2.5 sacks, 6 tackles, 1 assist, forced fumble)


I have a lot riding on Monday night, but my MML victory looks secure (down by 2 with CJ and Rackers to go). DW I'd need a big, big performanc--but I have like six players left so it's a possibility.




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I hate week 1 every year........I historically make poor lineup choices:


Started D. Branch. Benched L. Coles.....hell I'll take J. Galloway's 70 yds over the big fat aero.

Started J. Jones. Benched A. Peterson.....wanted to see how they utilized him with C. Taylor.

Started L. Johnson..........I new when I drafted 3rd my year would be over.......I have a gut feeling that LJ is coming back down to earth this year..just not enough help around him.



Kicking my sons butt in our local, so dad owns the bragging rights until mid-season around the house!

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Passed on Barber and Norwood to take Caddy as my RB3 because of bye week issues. Wish I had just taken who I felt was the best player and traded/worked WW for bye issues. Other than that, my team rocked this week, and will continue to rock. I should finish with the high score by a long shot when the rest of my players finish. Too bad there's no money in high scores. Wish I hadn't drafted Losman. Wish I was deeper at RB since Caddy is banged up earlier than I expected and my only other bench guy who sees regular action is KJ...



Wish Kaeding wasn't my kicker this week. Oh well. Wish I had passed on Randy "Sleeper" McMichael. This guy has bust written all over him IMO. Zach Miller may become my starter. Would have been nice to start Norwood or Crayton over Hackett, but it was the right play. Can't beat myself up over that. Still unclear on why I drafted Meachem. Ditto for Matt Jones. I think i was right that Morency has a good shot to do something when he returns. Jackson did not impress. I wonder how many weeks before Roy starts reaping the rewards of having a talented WR corp around him. Not many I hope. I was underwhelmed with his performance this week.

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