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Lunar Eclipse - 2/20


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For all you :wacko:, an email forwarded to me from a friend's dad who's an astonomy teacher at a local college:


If the weather cooperates, you'll be able to witness a total lunar eclipse, the last one for over 2 years from our neck of the woods, (the United States.) The next isn't until December 2010, (A Space Odyssey.)


It starts with the Moon passing into the Earth's shadow at 8:43 PM tomorrow (20th) night. It will be in totality, (completely within the Earth's shadow,) from 10:01 until 10:52. It will then begin leaving Earth's shadow, and it will come to an end at 12:09 AM.


When it's in totality, you'll still get this eerie blood red/red-orange glow on the Moon, it won't be completely dark. That's because, the Earth, being a sphere, the Earth's shadow is cone-shaped. As the sunlight comes by and skims through the left & right limbs of Earth's atmosphere, the light is bent, or refracted, and the longer, red wavelengths are bent inward into the cone and hit the Moon.


It's the last for 2 years, so if you get the chance, take a look.

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I think we're expected to have crappy weather tonight.


I see you cut out the "come get me" face shot from your avi and are using the best part. Man that hottie really knows how to shake her ass. :wacko:

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