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Stallworth Cut


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Per ESPN ticker




Stallworth free to go

Patriots decline wideout’s option

By Karen Guregian and John Tomase / Patriots Notebook

Friday, February 22, 2008 - Updated 12h ago


INDIANAPOLIS - The Patriots [team stats] have officially declined to pick up the option on Donte’ Stallworth.


The wide receiver was due $6 million on Sunday and another $2 million on March 1. Now he’s free to negotiate with anyone.


Stallworth caught 46 passes during the regular season, three for touchdowns. In the postseason, he caught eight passes, three in the Super Bowl loss against the New York Giants.


He was generally the third receiver behind Randy Moss and Wes Welker, but late in the season he was often replaced on the depth chart by Jabar Gaffney [stats], who is also set to become a free agent on Feb. 29.


The Pats entertained free agent wideout Marty Booker this week, but did not offer him a contract.

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True but IF someone throw mad money at Moss I can see him gone. So I will ask again would that help or hurt Wes. I am curious.

It would hurt him a lot IMO. Welker does well because Moss demands all the attention & Welker is left going against LBs.

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True but IF someone throw mad money at Moss I can see him gone. So I will ask again would that help or hurt Wes. I am curious.

While I think it's a moot point as if the Patriots didn't have a deal in place, they would have tagged him... But I'll play anyways... This was Welkers first monster season, and I think it had everything to do with him playing opposite of the best receiver not named Rice. IF Moss wasn't in New England next year I don't see Welker putting up those numbers again. He'll have to go against the no.1 db on opposing teams, so I just don't see his value going up.

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Welker is deadly when he is not the Number #1 option.....Moss will be back unless mad money comes into play......So IMO his value remains the same for next year, unless Moss leaves....Welker had some nice catches as a Phin...he was fire on a slant over the middle....Stallworth is always a risky option.....Question, does CJohnson still play for the Pats.....I guess I should check the rooster, but I thought this kid would really do some big things...with Moss, Stallworth and Welker he was forgotten.

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Anything serious? I don't follow them much up there....but I kinda thought he would be a stud....Hey, " Thanks " for the info.

Had some more minor injuries in 2006, ending with an ACL in the playoff loss to Indy.


Started 2007 on the PUP list due to this ACL, was activated in November for special teams duty.

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So I gotta ask. If they don't keep Moss either. Does Wes Welker value go up or down. Since he will be keyed on and have a true no.1 cb on him.

Here's hoping that the Pats and Wes both understand that he thrives as a 3 or a 2, but is not a 1. Look at AR-el .. Made great contributions at Pittsburgh as a background player, went to DC as the man and disappeared. With other weapons around him to distract the offense, Welker can tear it up. Give him a double team throughout the game as the primary weapon and I can't see him delivering a dominating performance.

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Welker won't line up as the number 1 WR in a 3 WR set, he will still be in the slot. If Moss isn't on the outside it will hurt him. But..if Welker is lined up in the slot and they put a #1 CB on the slot WR your putting a lessor CB on someone on the outside, whoever that may be.


The biggest change in production outside of Welker you could see if Moss is gone is Ben Watson going back up. (edit to add...yes I know, Tom Brady...I was talking about the receiving game).


As for Stallworth, I look for a one year deal somewhere.

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Stallworth blows.


I don't understand the fascination with this guy. :wacko:


Always hurt with pulled hamstrings in NO.

They dump him on the Eagles for very little in return.

He's so-so in Philly. More pulled hamstrings, a couple good games and a few where he disappeared. I never once thought "hey, we have to bring him back" and our WRs really do stink.

Goes to NE where he's a fourth option at best behind Moss, Welker and K. Faulk.


Please explain why he's so good. :D




G GS Rec Yds Avg TD

2007 New England Patriots 16 9 46 697 15.2 3

2006 Philadelphia Eagles 12 11 38 725 19.1 5

2005 New Orleans Saints 16 13 70 945 13.5 7

2004 New Orleans Saints 16 10 58 767 13.2 5

2003 New Orleans Saints 11 3 25 485 19.4 3

2002 New Orleans Saints 13 7 42 594 14.1 8



OK, I see he had a good year in 2005. So did Mi. Clayton

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