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Friendly Wager (free): Josh Gordon's First Week Back


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How many points will Gordon score in his first week back, assuming the following scoring:


1 pt per reception

.1 pt per yard rec.

.01 pt per yard rushing

6 pt. per TD

2 pt. per 2-pt conversion



1. Post your guess in this thread

2. It can not be within .3 of another's (earlier) guess

3. Closest to actual without going over Gordon's actual points wins!


PRIZE: Bragging rights, and everyone who posts a guess has to like the post of the winner. That's it!



player A guesses 22.46, player B guesses 22.75, player C guesses 23.1

Gordon actually has 9 Rec. for 80 yds and a TD, so he scores 23 points.

Player C was closest, but he went over by .1 pt, so he's out.

Player B was the closest who went under, but his guess was less than .3 away from Player A, so he's out.

Player A wins.

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