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2005 Mystery Huddler #3

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The rules...


1. I put up a few clues a couple times a day.


2. Everyone should try to come to a consensus on who you think it is. The first one to guess correctly wins much esteem from their colleagues...yeah, that's it.


3. Pick out important details in the picture that may lead to the discovery of our Mystery Huddler.


4. The clues get less vague as the game goes on.


5. Everyone has a good time, hopefully with just a little bit of respect for those brave enough to submit their pictures. (Except for those who have already been a Mystery Huddler since they have been ridiculed)


Also, the NEW rules of Mystery Huddler (provided by Chavez):


1)any physical characteristic that is less than 100% perfect must be attacked - weight, haircut, hairline, teeth, facial hair, etc


2)if the Huddler actually looks halfway presentable in the pic, he's obviously homosexual


3)if the Huddler has posed a pic with a woman, (a)any physical characteristic of HERS that is less than 100% perfect must be ridiculed; (b)if she looks halfway decent, she's obviously a prostitute; and ©the MH only posed with her to hide the fact that he is a homosexual


4)if there is another guy ANYWHERE in the photo, it's obviously the MH's gay lover


5)all Huddlers except oneself and maybe WW are most likely closeted homosexuals, when you start to think about it


6)loaf's name must be guessed at least once in the thread


7)if the Huddler is posing with children, the child is an attempt to mask the MH's obviously gay affinity.


Mystery Huddler #3


Clue #1 - Fan of an AFC North team.


Clue #2 - Non-padder

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Why do I have a hard time believing that this was the first time this guy had a Nutcracker behind him? :D


Edit to add: If you know what I'm saying.

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Well, it obvious that he's a homo.






JJ? :D


Lets see...a homo that lives with his grandparents...UT?...oh wait, he likes an AFC East team.


How about the Bengals guy?

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