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  1. I'm sure he will get all the conditioning and muscle buildup he needs. Tom Brady wasn't exactly Mr.Universe lol.
  2. Call me crazy, but I love Joshua Dobbs in Dynasty. I'm gonna stash him on DTS until he's ready to take over for Ben when he does indeed retire.
  3. good thing I put an "IF" there huh? Moving along now.
  4. Bad gamble on my part. Oh well. Hopefully he can latch on to another team at some point.
  5. It's a dynasty IDP league. You wouldn't understand.
  6. And replace him with who exactly. Jesse James??? James won't start when Green is given the green light.
  7. I'm circling week 7 on our schedule. I hope to play them both against you.
  8. Green is participating in OTA's which is great. The Steelers didn't draft a TE either. That's a positive sign that they believe he will contribute this year in a bigger way than most pundits think.
  9. As long as he plays week 5, I'm good. I would never play him over J.Reed...not yet anyway.
  10. If he's healthy, Green is going to be a top 5 TE this year. And you can quote me on that.
  11. I traded for him this year. I spit in the face of the Madden Curse.
  12. Without a conviction, all of his bonuses, salary and whatever else is now available to his family.
  13. Is Christine Michael getting his shot???? Ugh....
  14. Talk about a dead roster spot