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  2. Help me determine Devin Singletary's value

    Or would he be worth giving up Woods? I'm decent at WR with TY, OBJ, Woods, J Brown and Tate and I only ever want to start 2 of them in this standard league, I've gotten burned playing matchups with WRs in my flex which has contributed to my losing streak somewhat.
  3. Worried about Ekeler/Melvin?

    They will get better, it isn't going to remain the mess it has been the last 2 weeks and I look for positive results much sooner than later.
  4. Darrell Henderson or Kareem Hunt ROS?

    Hunt obviously since he would inherit more guaranteed work whereas if Gurley goes down there will likely be some type of split with Brown/Henderson.
  5. What about this one: Fournette/Kirk for Woods/M Andrews/Hyde? This is to the Dissly owner and he only has Ebron on his bench.
  6. Today
  7. Do you like it with or without the OBJ for AJ added in?
  8. Help me determine Devin Singletary's value

    Is Tate and Hyde too much?
  9. In need of adjusting lineup

    Wtf? We need to see your team to answer that...
  10. Goff??

    Denver is a good defense...
  11. Officiating

    Having cameras everywhere has not been kind to the refs. I know the lineman's head was back but that's because he was being pushed by the shoulder. He couldn't have seen it well because if he had he wouldn't have called it. If you aren't sure you shouldn't be calling penalties that stage of the game. I realize the games are close so a lot of calls can make a difference, and the action is fast but the 3 blind mice analogy isn't too far off. They should really look at their training and selection methods of referees. As a side note, wasn't that GB player down at the 1 on that long pass TD? I thought it was pretty clear on the replay.
  12. Trade Advice

    Good call
  13. Help me determine Devin Singletary's value

    Tate for Singletary
  14. I like the trade for Kerryon.
  15. Lions vs Packers (MNF)

    I liked that comment for the sheer disgust and anger
  16. I want to try to trade for him ahead of Buffalo's great upcoming schedule, what should I offer and what do you expect from him moving forward? Here are guys I am willing to send off in basically any combo (not saying I would give OBJ for him these are just guys I have I will trade). OBJ, Woods, G Tate, Damien, Hyde
  17. Officiating

    It is either this or just flat out corrupt.
  18. I sent someone this offer: Woods/Damien for Kerryon. Am I crazy? He also owns AJ Green...should I cancel the trade out and add OBJ for his AJ along with it? Maybe he bites with the uncertainty surrounding AJ Green right? @Montana is da Man, @Gridiot
  19. Tell me I did not screw up.

    Idk why you'd be "sick of dealing with Henry" though. He was ballin' and had a down week, as every single stud does outside of 1 or 2.
  20. Tell me I did not screw up.

    I don't think it's a bad trade for you but you gave up a lot. You got Hopkins though who should bounce back
  21. And to be honest I think my starters are almost if not as good as both those teams.
  22. Everybody needs RB team is Kamara and Cook, but their only other RB is Thompson. Deepest WR team is Hopkins/Thielen/Edelman/Chark but they only have Chubb/Ingram/Singletary at RB. No one wants to trade is the problem.
  23. Lions vs Packers (MNF)

    Same thing happened in the Jets-Cowboys game yesterday. Refs practically gifted a TD on the Cowboys last drive. 7 consecutive penalties, 5 against the Jets and 2 against Dallas just for show (but the Jets penalties all gave Prescott another 1st down), all ticky-tack or flat out wrong and all were inconsistent with the rest of the way the game was called. I think they said it was a 75 yard drive and 50 of them were net penalties. I guess the Cowboys were supposed to win on a Nationally televised game? I have no idea who the fck the NFL thinks it is fooling. It's flagrant. It's obvious. And it's always the same teams. Come on. Dallas, Steelers, Pats, Packers have had the Zebra's edge for some time now. Well how 'bout them Cowboys? Hope ex-Governor Fat Bastard gave his Master "Glory Hole Jerry" a good BJ in his MetLife suite during the game. But I digress.
  24. Marvin Jones and hunter henry on waiver!

    Goofed up man. Good thing I have Conner. Saved me at the end
  25. Who's the better end of bench stash/lottery ticket. Standard league.
  26. Week 6 Milk Carton

    I guess we found out why Jones doesn't get many passes
  27. Tell me I did not screw up.

    Evans/Henry side for sure.
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