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Whatcha Need on MNF?


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Good news: I had a great time this weekend camping and participating in the MS 150 Bike ride.

Bad news: I left before the Houston game was canceled so one of the three remaining players I have (Andre Johnson) will not be getting me anything.


All is not lost as I need McNabb and MBIII to combine for about 40 pts in a standard scoring league. Hardly mission impossible but both dudes need to show up.


Bummer is, I actually got home before kick-off of last night's game and could have moved Ward into the line-up but, in an illadvised display of restraint, I didn't rush to the computer the second we got home to check how I was doing. Had I done so, I could have made the switch and would feel much more comfortable about the task at hand.


Perhaps the Fantasy gods will reward my token display of control. :wacko:

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In my league still in quesiton, I need romo to throw three ints, no tds, and less than 180 yards


OR 2 ints, 0 tds and less than 140 yards.


OR 1 int, 0tds, and less than 100 yards.



Go Eagles D!


I hate to break this to you Josh, but you have no chance of any of those happening

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Let's see....


DWIII - Need Barber/Crayton/Ware to outscore McNabb/Jackson by 1.3 points.... should be close.


Local (sort of) - Need Jackson to protect my 3.5 point lead versus Owens/Ware. Unlikely.


Local keeper - McNabb/Witten to outscore Cowboys D - Should happen.


Local #3 - Need Romo/Witten to outscore McNabb/Owens by 40. Would be a miracle.


Faultline - Need Owens/Barber to score less than 41.5 points. Another close one. Would suck to lose, as I currently have the league high by far.


TML - I have Barber versus Romo with 50-point lead. Should be good, but you never know (high QB scoring).


Weapons of DMD - Need Romo, Felix Jones, and Akers to score less than 70.


MVP Memorial - Need 20 from L. Smith and Folk to break 150, which would be a decent week.


Local #4 - Need about 1000 points from Witten. Not good.


Huddle Ladder - Huge week... started Calvin Johnson, Gonzalez, and Marshall at WR. :D Thanks to those three, I won easily even though the rest of my team had a bad week.


Huddle Weekly Challenge - Need about 45 from Westbrook/Owens/Smith/Folk to break 200. Should happen, but I don't think it will be enough to get me in the top 10.


Oh, and I need Dallas to win and the total to be over 40.5 to win a 4-team 6-point teaser. :wacko:


All in all, probably another 5-4 week, although only one league has officially been decided.

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BOTH AFL vs. tonyr: I'm up 15. I need Witten/Crayton/Cole to outscore Westbrook. (Thanks again Zooty for trading for tonyr's Brandon Marshall an hour before kickoff)


BOTH AOTAOP vs. Randall: I'm up 22. I need Cole to keep my lead over Quintin Mikell.


BOTH Faultline vs. Alchicho: I'm up 39. I need Patrick Crayton to help me keep my lead over his McNabb/DeSean combo.


BOTH 32 More Homers vs. Chiefs: I'm up 63 points. It's over.


Local: I'm up 11. I still have McNabb, Witten and Folk to play and he has no one.



I could go 5-0 this week for the first time ever... :wacko:

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