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Happy Fourth of July!


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Just a quick post wishing everybody here a fun and safe 4th!! :D


God bless America! :D


We're going to a friend's house for a potluck and to watch fireworks. The food selection will include brats, hotdogs, ribs, baked beans, baked potatoes, etc, etc.


I'll obviously be drinking Coors Lite from a "cold activated" can! :wacko:


What are you doing on the fourth??? :D

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During the day walking around our hometown, enjoying a small parade, lots of food tents, face painting and other festivities for the kids...


Then over to a good friends house for a pig roast in the evening, a bunch o beers, a few bottles of wine, and then fireworks


Happy fourth of July everyone!


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enjoying a small parade

I love Fourth of July parades!! There's one here in Coronado every year that has lots of bands and equestrian groups and enough floats to make it interesting. I may have to make that part of my itinerary tomorrow. :wacko:

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Taking the fam for breakfast and fun at the beach in the moring - then heading for the mountains for a July snowball fight.


BBQ with friends and family tomorrow night and lots of home fireworks.


Happy 4th everybody! :wacko:

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have to work a half day in the morning..... then meeting some college friends we haven't seen in while at grand lake (near winter park) until monday. bbq, friends, family, hiking, booze, relaxation. very much looking forward to it . tough frickin week.




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Going to a College Grad party tonight.

Tomorrow at my cuz's. :D Wife told me to not max out! :wacko::D:D

Went to the grad party. Amy is a very sweet girl. A daughter of a friend of my cuz. We were getting ready to leave and Amy said "Can you wait a bit?: I said sure. She put her video on. What a great production! Just great pics of her life and near the end she showed pics of me, my wife, and my mom with very sweet comments! Dammit...a tear came to my eye. I guess I never realized how much we all meant to her life. :2cents::D

Congrats Amy!!! May you have a happy life!

Thank you for including us in your life!

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"S.O." and I visiting her ex-neighbor - older lady who has out-lived most of her family/friends and surprisingly people like her neice aren't hooking up with her, so we are. She just lives in the basement of her sister-in-law and is getting kinda fragile, so we're gonna grill some burgers and bring em over.


Not checking fireworks, not worth fighting the crowds etc. Have some of my own I brought so we'll have our own little show and get tanked here. :wacko:

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Well, living on the coast......we batton down the hatches and hide until it's over!!!!!!! We will stay at the house and have family and friends over, I'm going to fry some fish, boil some shrimp and steam some clams and blue crab(crab pots were nice and full this morning) on the dock. Also, I've cleaned out the massive Igloo cooler, turn on the ice machine, and iced down the wine and beer and sodas. I'll pull the young'ens around on the inner tube with the boat etc.... Then, eat and drink to much.....as usual.

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Yesterday - Went to LaConner to meet the wife's parents.

Ate lunch at La Conner Brewery.

Drove back home along Chuckanut Bay let the kid swim at Larabee state park.

Drank beer


and watched the M's beat Boston.


Today so far - My neighborhood had a kid's parade, decorated my son's bike, biked with him in the parade.

Father in law is pressure washing the house.

I just popped open my first beer.

I just watched the Mariners beat the Red Sox.


Later today -

Going to go out to the Indian Reservation to buy some illegal fireworks

Going to Zuanich Point Park. They have kids activities, food, and a beer garden.


Drinking Beer.

Letting off fireworks,

Go to the smaller firework show in Blaine Washington to avoid crowds


Tomorrow -

Hiking at Mount Baker.

On the way back down from the mountain, we will stop at Three Forks Brewing.

Eat Pizza and drink beer.

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Stopped raining around 5:00, went the the complex where I work in Itasca. Headliner was SmashMouth, and boy were they rough, until the final 30 minutes when they decided to cover some old Van Halen and Beastie Boys...they got a lot better. The best fireworks show I've seen in many, many years.

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The best fireworks show I've seen in many, many years.

That's interesting because the fireworks show we saw was only 15 minutes long (down from 30 in past years) and alot of the other fireworks displays around our county were cancelled for lack of funds.

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