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Who's the Best?


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Only because of the teams they play for:

1. Harrison

2. Holt

3. CJ







My sentiments exactly. If CJ is on the Colts or Rams, he might be worth 18-20 TD's, IMO. Also, don't discount the fact that Palmer might have it together this year. Johnson's "breakout" campaign came under Kitna, then Palmer last year, and if Palmer's progression continues, CJ could become tier one very quickly.

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Predicting at this point is fun...but in reality, there is no way to say for sure which of these guys will be the best. Just be happy if you get your hands on one of them.


My gut says Holt will really have another great year now that the RB situation is solidified with S.Jax and the O-Line is improved.

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I have it








in my current rankings.


I'm curious on how others feel about them and really WR's this year may have less depth value than RB this season. I guess that is all up to the Rookie Rb's.

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Holt eats up the yardage and will see most of the receiving scores in STL this year.

Johnson is a monster waiting for the huge year....this is it.

Harrison has always been money and will be again this year, just slightly behind these guys all-in.


Agree with Spinal that you should be fine with any of the three. It will be an interesting comparison at year end to see where the three fall out. Barring injury, they will be relatively close.

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I have them..


Harrison - like Cheif said too many TDs going around not to be #1 out of these 3.


Johnson - if I was building a real team he would be 1st receiver I would take bar none.


Holt - here because of the players ahead of him.


But what do I know, I would grab a couple RBs 1-2 then get Wayne 3. I think he may have better #s than those 3.

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1. Holt - STL schedule is too good to be true


2. CJ - Him and Palmer looked great together at the end of last season and as CJ says "There's only 3 things in life that are certain...Death, taxes and CJ being wide open every play"


3. Harrison - If he didnt have either Wayne or Stokley around, he'd be #1. He will still be solid. 1200 yards, 13 tds


All are solid choices and are very close in value.

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