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  2. Trade advice?

    Trade advice in 10 team ppr? give cam newton, aj green, Kenny golladay, devin singletary receive deshaun Watson, Chris carson, Julian Edelman
  3. 1st Overall Pick

    He was still a top 10 RB last season and I doubt it can get much worse.
  4. I didnt think it would be so hard ( draft grid)

    Ok it took awhile to get all fixed up though.
  5. 3rd year of a redraft league with 8 returning managers. Auction draft with FAAB waivers. We have 8 out of 10 paid. Waiting on the other 2 but still need 2 more. We're drafting this sunday, so whoever pays first gets the spots. All money through leaguesafe with majority approval. League settings: Payouts: Best reg season record: $100 | 1st $300 | 2nd $150 | 3rd $50 Msg me or leave email if interested
  6. This trade was accepted and now I am being offered Kenny golladay for devonta freeman. Do I accept that and have 3 solid wrs but lose rb depth?
  7. CMC, Kamara, and Barkley are all in the same tier. I've always said I would choose Barkley and that hasn't changed.
  8. Would you take Barkley, zeke, kamara, David johnson over him?
  9. MB League #1 12 teams

    Huh...both this and the 4th place ranking in MFL's awful ADP review guarantee I'm pretty much screwed this year.
  10. Today
  11. MB League #3 8-man

    Who's a fast drafter? This guy!
  12. I'm taking Bell over DJ, if I had to choose.
  13. MB League #2 10 teams

    Nerd. That's better than me.
  14. 2qb dynasty trade

    1st rounder and Lamar Jackson for leveon bell... I currently have jackson Goff foles dalton as QBs and dalvin and lat murray as my RBS do I do this trade?
  15. Keeper help pick 2

    Thanks for the help guys
  16. MB League #2 10 teams

    Someone ... cough @DMD ... should do a draft grade report for each team! OK, our fearless leader may not have time..... maybe someone that wasn't in the league could take a stab at it? I think I have a solid B+ so far... we'll see how it shakes out.
  17. If you want to give away your players that's fine ... you can always just drop Evans to waivers if you want.
  18. Keep Gurley, Ek or Boyd?

    I'd keep Ekeler. You'd probably still get Gurley at 10, if not you'll still get a quality RB1 there.
  19. 10 man keeper league ~2 spots available ~Standard scoring with PPR ~Standard roster with flex- TE/WR/RB ~2 divisions ~$150 buy in. money and cash prizes managed by League safe. ~1st-$1000 2nd-$500 3rd-no keeper penalty for one keeper for the next year (keeper details and rules listed below) 4th-picks spot in next years draft. ~Live draft KEEPER DETAILS- One keeper next year, to keep someone comes with a keeper penalty. you lose a round sooner then they were drafted for every time you keep them. For example if you drafted them in the 4th round this year you will give up a 3rd the next year a 2nd then a 1st. after a 1st you have to release the player. No keeping first round players since you cant give up anything more then a first round pick unless you come in 3rd the season before and won the no keeper penalty. you cant keep wavier wire pick ups unless they were drafted by someone. e-mail me to join, any question, or anything i may have left out.....
  20. Trade advice: Evans for J Gordon + D Thompson?

    Are you messing with us?
  21. How does cam newton's foot injury affect CMC?

    I'd be a little concerned but it wouldn't change where I draft him. Especially in PPR where he's probably gonna get even more touches. I just hope he can stay healthy with all that volume.
  22. MB League #1 12 teams

    I think this is BS. I demand a re-assessment!!
  23. MB League #1 12 teams

    That looks like my result from last year. Miss the playoffs (only 6), then win the toilet bowl. Also They like BillyBalata's draft much more than the MFL Recap did.
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