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Didn't he once have the ultimate vulture game - something crazy like 5 carries, 6 yards, 5 TD's....



Ah yes, he sure did. I just made a minor deal for him to fill in for one week. I'll always remember the Sunday because some friends and I went to Memphis to see the Titans/Oilers take on the Bengals when the Oilers moved to Tennesse. Even got to see my TE (Wychek) score a TD! On the ride home we heard about Stewert's remarkable day. The buddy who traded him to me just shook his head.


Here's one to you, my Huddler brethren for bringing up such a fond memory! :D

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Yeah, Taylor and MJD were so proud of the yardage they put up together that they've decided not to travel with the team and instead run to Tennessee for the next game. :D




THis also just in.................indy defenders have been visiting the psychiatrist this week. seems they can't get the image of two hamhocks attached to a torso and head (mjd) running by them out of there nightmares.

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Speaking of Stewart, I'll never forget that 5 TD day. It was my first year in fantasy football. We did things all by the newspapers back then. I was at a funeral wake that day in the morning and was heading over to a fantasy football party after the wake (I think that it was in the second half by the time I headed over to my football party). I started out terrible that first season - could do nothing right. I did not know who my opponent was starting that day against me. As I am driving over to the party, I hear on the radio where Stewart has just rushed for his 4th or 5th TD already. I walked in the door to my party, betting full well that my opponent was starting Stewart against me (remember, I had no idea prior that I was playing against Stewart). Sure enough, I walk in the door and my brother greets me and says "Guess what". You can guess what the next sentence was. The even funnier thing was that I don't think that Stewart even scored another TD that season, or maybe in the rest of his career.



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