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That one pick you wish you could go back and change.....


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Slot #10 in a 12 team PPR......End of round 3 .... Spiller or Foster.


Was all set to go Foster .... then the devil on my shoulder whispers " he's banged up".... "he's talking retirement" .... "get him on the turn".....


The guy after me says he wanted Spiller ...takes Foster.


Everyone has one ... but the ones in the 3rd round really hurt.


Im 4-2 .... could easily be 6-0.


Just a lil mid season vent........ carry on.

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I don't really remember who I missed on in the draft


I am somewhat regretting these decisions:

2.05 - Pierre Garcon

4.05 - Michael Crabtree

6.05 - Dennis Pita


As a matter of fact it looks like almost all my even round picks left something to be desired

10.05 - Devonta Freeman

12.05 - Ryan Tannehill

14.06 - DeAngelo Williams


Players I COULD have had at those positions

2.05 - DeMarco Murray

4.05 - Arian Foster (although he would have been my 3rd RB)

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The exact pick that I knew and stated here was the wrong one at the time that I made it Drew Brees at 2.02 instead of Demarco Murray.


Gio & Crabtree were my keepers. My biggest mistake was passing on Demarco Murray or Doug Martin for Brees. Especially since I could have had Newton much later.


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Probably Ball at 1-9. Bell, Lynch and Murray all went after. Though I hit homers with a lot of my picks and Luck in Round 6 was grand larceny.


Crap picks of mine other than Ball

Cameron round 5 (still like him though)

Gerhart round 7 (since cut)

Rams Defense round 8 (since cut)


Nice value picks

Mike Wallace round 9

Golden Tate round 11

Martellus Bennett round 13

Lamar Miller round 15

Fred Jackson round 18

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Victor Cruz - 4th round of 12 team standard. Also regret taking Pitta in 8th. I will never draft a mediocre TE that high again. I think Gates and M. Bennett fell to the 11th and 12th rounds.



Can you really be regret the pick....because he got injured? No way to predict that. He was taken early 5th round in my league. the picks I regret are the players that simply don't perform according to expectations (Ball, Gerhart for example), but not as bummed about the Jordan Cameron pick because he got injured in week 1.

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Fortunately I am in 3 other leagues to soothe the pain, but here is probably my worst draft ever. The first four picks can all be considered a major regrets:


12 team/standard


1.09 Ball (Bought into the lead back in the top offense hype)

2.04 DMartin (Bought into the Lovie's bellcow lead and bounceback hype)

3.09 KAllen (Top 10 WR hype)

4.04 CPatterson (Top 10 WR hype)


Notice a theme? Hype kills. Needless to say, that team is 1-5.

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I'm having my worst season ever. Two leagues. First round picks are Lacy and Calvin. Second round picks are AJ Green and Jimmy Graham. I've got Zac Stacy on both teams. I've got one combined win this season.

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Pretty much every RB I took. (5 player keeper and only had CJ0K there)



Player / round / guys I passed on or other info

Gerhart / 6 / Sproles

Devonta Freeman / 7 (too early I know) / still Sproles and Fred Jackson

Christine Michael / 10 / think Jackson was still there

Lance Dunbar / 13 / flyer sleeper that blew

JStew / 15 / I guess not too disappointed, he's still on my team

CJ Anderson / 18 / flyer sleeper that blew

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Two weeks ago, I pick up McKinnon for $6. Dropped him last week for Storm Johnson. Of course, McKinnon became the starter vs. Detroit, and presumably for the foreseeable future?? So I went back out and picked him up again, this time for $26. A day later, Zimmer announces that he wants to give Asiata more touches. This damn game is maddening sometimes.

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