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new "32 Homers" league trying to get started


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25 Homers assigned, 2 owners filling in the blanks, 7 teams with no homers, 5 more and we fill up


Most of you probably know about this league allready. Ive been following it since I joined and have been dieing to get a taste of the action.


so im looking to start a new league that mimics it, that way everyone who is on the waitlist can get a shot at playing as well as those that arnt.


so if you are on the waitlist for the 32 homers League and would like to play here or not and would still like to play please respond with a team you would like to control. I will edit all names of people interested onto the first post for easy viewing. if we cant get 32 interested people we could even go to an AFC or NFC only format depending on what the majority of potential owners would prefer. also if more than one person would like the same team i will post both names, we can work things out later if this gets off the ground. if any of the waitlisters are interested im looking into the prospect of having this league being part of the actual waitlist for the origional league.


Buffalo Bills - peepinmofo

Miami Dolphins - Los Gigantes

New England Patriots - Caveman Nick

New York Jets - Mick


Baltimore Ravens - DeBoster

Cincinnati Bengals - The Misfit

Cleveland Browns - KevinL

Pittsburgh Steelers -.


Houston Texans - piratesownninjas

Indy Colts - CaptainHook

Jacksonville Jaguars - .

Tennessee Titans - .


Denver Broncos - Swampnuts Friend

Kansas City Chiefs - sigalf03

Oakland Raiders - Return of S&B

San Diego Chargers - Outshined


Dallas Cowboys - hinesite

New York Giants - Robash

Philadelphia Eagles - .

Washington Redskins - DemonKnight


Chicago Bears -

Detroit Lions - alchico

Green Bay Packers - Vicster

Minnesota Vikings - digitaldan21


Atlanta Falcons - .

Carolina Panthers - Wizards

New Orleans Saints - TecmoBeast

Tampa Bay Bucs - .


Arizona Cardinals - monster

St. Louis Rams - twiley

San Francisco 49ers - HardRocker

Seattle Seahawks - Swampnuts






If anyone is not familiar with the special rules i have copied them here...quite long


ARTICLE ONE: The Premise


A. 32 Homers consists of 32 owners representing an actual NFL franchise. The format of the league will, whenever possible, mirror that of the NFL. This includes conferences, divisions, playoffs and regular season schedules.


ARTICLE TWO: The Franchises


A. Keepers. Each league franchise is given full rights and ownership of the corresponding NFL team's kicker, defense and special teams.


B. Selection of Homer Studs. In addition, each franchise must select one "homer stud" from the corresponding NFL team. This selection must be declared at least one week prior to the league draft.


C. Changing Homer Studs Before the Draft: Should this "homer stud" sustain an injury, seriously jeopardizing their season, after the declaration period and before the draft, the owner may choose to select a new keeper from his corresponding NFL franchise. This is the only scenario in which a team may select a new "homer stud", and the commish will be the final arbiter on what is an injury that is "seriously jeopardizing" to their season. I.e., an injury that will keep a player out for the first several games should be enough to allow the owner to pick someone new.


D. Changing Homer Studs from Year to Year: Homer studs may be changed from year to year and are not necessarily keepers.


E. Who Can be Considered a Homer Stud: The "Homer Stud" must be on your franchise team when you announce "STUD" If he is traded before the draft you must choose another "STUD". Once the draft has started there will be no changing of "STUD"


E. Who Can be Considered a Homer Stud: The "Homer Stud" can be any team QB, RB, WR, TE




A. Time and Location. The exact start date for the draft will be determined at a later date. The league will use MFL.com to manage the process. All owners must have consistent and reliable internet access during this period. The league must be notified of any extended absence prior to its occurence.



B. Draft Order: Draft Order will be determined by averaging the 32Homers Draft order and the official NFL draft order. In case of a tie a roll of the dice will determine draft order for those franchises.



C. Time Limit. Since our league consists of 32 teams, we can expect the draft to last a few weeks. The time limits will only be enforced between Monday noon (eastern) and Friday 7:30pm (eastern). This time limit takes into account owners residing on both coasts and should be sufficient if you have done your homework and are prepared. Preselections should be registered whenever possible. This should keep the draft moving. The order will be set in advance of the actual start of the draft. Each team will be “on the clock” every other day, as based on the following schedule:


Odd Days:

Team 1: off the clock at 12 noon eastern

Team 2: off the clock at 12:30pm eastern

Team 3: off the clock at 1pm eastern

Team 4: off the clock at 1:30pm eastern

Team 5: off the clock at 2pm eastern

Team 6: off the clock at 2:30pm eastern

Team 7: off the clock at 3pm eastern

Team 8: off the clock at 3:30pm eastern

Team 9: off the clock at 4pm eastern

Team 10: off the clock at 4:30pm eastern

Team 11: off the clock at 5pm eastern

Team 12: off the clock at 5:30pm eastern

Team 13: off the clock at 6pm eastern

Team 14: off the clock at 6:30pm eastern

Team 15: off the clock at 7pm eastern

Team 16: off the clock at 7:30pm eastern


Even Days:

Team 17: off the clock at 12 noon eastern

Team 18: off the clock at 12:30pm eastern

Team 19: off thee clock at 1pm eastern

Team 20: off the clock at 1:30pm eastern

Team 21: off the clock at 2pm eastern

Team 22: off the clock at 2:30pm eastern

Team 23: off the clock at 3pm eastern

Team 24: off the clock at 3:30pm eastern

Team 25: off the clock at 4pm eastern

Team 26: off the clock at 4:30pm eastern

Team 27: off the clock at 5pm eastern

Team 28: off the clock at 5:30pm eastern

Team 29: off the clock at 6pm eastern

Team 30: off the clock at 6:30pm eastern

Team 31: off the clock at 7pm eastern

Team 32: off the clock at 7:30pm eastern


D. Weekends. Considering that summer schedules are tight with vacations, weddings, etc., the league will not enforce draft time limits on the weekends and holidays. However, all owners are encouraged to preselect on Friday and log on and make picks throughout the weekend when possible.


E. Picking early: Each team is encouraged to select as quickly as possible when they are on the clock, however, no team will be forced to pick until they are officially “off the clock”.


F. Skipping a pick. If an owner has been skipped, they can jump in at any point in the draft and select any player not already on a team. If there is any confusion over whether a player has been allocated or not, the commissioner will be the sole determinant of this. If the commissioner is involved in the matter, the issue will be settled by the treasurer.


G. Waiting for an owner to get off the clock. If, after a few days of quick picks, the draft is ‘stuck’ on an owner for more than 24hrs, that owner will be skipped, regardless of when they are scheduled to roll off the clock as determined by Letter C above. If an owner is set to be skipped twice in a row under this rule, then, the commissioner (in concert with the treasurer) will select the two “best available players” using their opinions and “in good faith” judgement. If an owner is skipped three times, for ANY reason, that owner will be deemed to be out of the league, and a replacement owner will be immediately found.


H. Final Team Rosters. The draft is to be 9 rounds, plus the determination of the “stud homer”, the kicker and the defense; generating a 12 player roster. At the end of the draft each team will have 12 players. Each team must consist of 1 Team QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1 TE as well as the homer team kicker, special teams and defense. How the remainder of the roster will be filled out is up to the discretion of each owner, except that no team may draft more than one team QB.




A. Scoring is as follows:



.05 yd passing

.10 yd rushing/rec

4 per TD passing

6 per TD rushing/rec

2 per 2 pt conv

-1 per INT thrown

-1 per Fumble lost



3 FG

1 XP



0 offensive pts allowed : 10 pts

<10 offensive pts allowed : 5 pts

<20 offensive pts allowed : 3 pt

>30 offensive pts allowed : -1pt


6 per TD

2 per int/fum/safety

1 per sack


B. Team QB on Bye Scoring. If your QB is on bye, and you are not, you get the average of the previous two weeks. In all other scenarios, you receive his scoring as of that week only, not an average of the previous two weeks. The two week average only applies to weeks your QB is on bye and you are not. And the number of the counting shall be three. Three shall be the number. Thou shalt not count four. Etc...




A. General. The 32 Homers League consists of 32 teams, divided into two conferences and eight divisions. The entire season lasts 17 weeks, with 13 weeks of regular season games, three weeks of playoffs, and one superbowl.


B. Regular Season. Regular Season lasts through week 13 and there will be double headers on weeks 2,11,12 and 13 which will be in order of what the matchups would have been weeks 14, 15, 16 and 17.


C. Playoffs. Playoffs will be NFL style with 4 conference champs and 2 wildcards from each conference. Each week the lowest seeded plays the highest seeded with week 14 as a bye to the top 2 teams in each division. Superbowl is week 17.


D. Playoff Rankings. Division winners will be determined first by best record overall, second by total season “starter points” (in case of a tie), third by head to head competition and fourth by coin toss. Wild cards will be determined first by overall record, second by total points, third by head to head competition and fourth by coin toss. It is therefore possible for one division to have both conference wildcards.


E. Total Season Points. Each team's total points will be determined by adding the weekly point totals of starting players. This total does not include those players who were riding the pines.


F. Bye Weeks. Bye weeks correspond with the NFL schedule. When your NFL team is on bye, so are you.


ARTICLE SIX: Head to Head


A. Starting Line Up. On typical weeks your line up must be submitted (you will submit it yourself this year on our Web site) by 9:59 a.m. PT on Sunday. Changes to your roster are permitted up until this deadline. These are your point players. Scores of these and only these players will be tabulated at the end of Monday's game. Weekly rosters include:


1 Quarterback

1 Running Backs

2 Wide Receivers

1 Tight End

1 Kicker



B. No Roster Rule. If a roster is not submitted or if the roster is submitted after the previously mentioned deadline, the roster from the previous week will be used. No exceptions.


C. Thu./Sat. Games. In the event of a Thursday or a Saturday game, "partial" rosters may be submitted prior to kickoff of the first game on that day. If you started a player the previous week and he is playing in a Thursday or Saturday game, that player will be started automatically unless you change your line up prior kick off of the first game. The remainder of your roster is due by 9:59 a.m. PT on Sunday.



ARTICLE SEVEN: Roster Changes and Transactions


A. General. As in the NFL, you will be allowed to make changes in your roster throughout the season. So just because your draft sucked, it doesn't mean your entire season has to.


B. Cost. All transactions are free.


C. Trades. Trading players and draft picks is legit; however, teams are NOT allowed to trade players selected before the draft as being that teams’ “homer stud”, nor allowed to trade for "future considerations." All trades must be approved by the comissioner. Trades deemed "Questionable" (i.e. Marshall Faulk for Sean Dawkins) by any owner in a conference wherein the trade takes place, may be stricken by a majority of the owners in that conference. If the vote is 50/50, then the first tie breaker will be the vote in the division. The second is the vote of the commissioner. Collusion is bad form.


D. Waiver wire will be open and free for all with no restrictions


E. Limits. There are no limits on the number of waiver wire or trade transactions you can perform during the week or season. As always, your roster size may never exceed 12 players. For every player you add, you must drop one.


F. Time Frame. The Trading period commences each week after completion of Monday's game and ends Wednesday at Noon pacific time, allowing sufficient time if a vote is needed. Trades are allowed until the Wednesday before the first game in Week 11. Free agent acquisitions are allowed throughout the regular season. Free agent transactions after the regular season will only be allowed for teams in the playoffs. Once you are eliminated your season is done.

Edited by Robash
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I would be very interested in doing this league. I happen to be a Packer fan myself and would love to run the organization, but if there are multiple people wanting them, I would oblige and manage another team if need be. PM me if you need help getting it off the ground.


PS I am not currently on the wait list to get into the original HOMERS league, not sure if that makes a difference. But I have kept tabs on it and am intrigued by how the league is set up.

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I'd be interested and would take the Lions. Didn't see the cost either???

Since i now live in the bay area, i would also be open to the 49ers or Raiders.

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What about cost? Did I miss that?









The cost was sort of what I was interested in as well. I might take a stab at the Texans. Just depends.

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if you ever seen the origonal post those rules came from, you'll know i intentionally left the fee section out of it. mainly because i dont want to scare potentially interested people away. personally? im game for anything...i would much rather see this league have 32 owners playing for free, than get 17 willing to play for 25 dollars a pop.


considering there is probably less than 64 people that have ever played in something like this before,free might be the way to go. my concerns so far for each side is if its free keeping people active, and if its for a small amount of peso's who would keep the money? i think atm im leaning towrds having it free for the first year, minly to try and fill it up...but im not poor so id be willing to pay a fee. i allready plan on hosting it at mfl.com out of my own pocket if this become reality.


but these are disscussion forums so lets hear your thought on the subject.


added names to the list, also if your reading this and someone else has requested your homer, plese post here. i will add everyone to the list regardless of what tem they would like to lead to glory. we have a few people that appear to be game for a few teams.

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im game for anything...i would much rather see this league have 32 owners playing for free, than get 17 willing to play for 25 dollars a pop.







As the current commish of the 32 homers league, I would STRONGLY advise that you make this a pay league. Free leagues suck. Free leagues with 32 owners would be impossible. People don't care as much if there is nothing at stake.



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As a member of 32 homers I recommend this format strongly. It will test your accumen like no other league. Setting up the league was hard because their were 32 people. Robash looks like he's on top of things, and with the rules already being established a large chunk of the work has been done for you.



Good luck.


It looks like you've already got a few veterans interested and that can only help

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that would be another drawback to being free...what do those interested think?






I agree about the drawbacks of having this be a free league--I'm guessing you won't have much of a problem getting people to pay the $25.

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I'm game for $25.  I've been mostly lurking on these boards for the past several years, but maybe this will get me to open up on some of the knuckleheads that frequent here.






Who you calling a knucklehead? :D:D:D

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I'm on the waiting list, I'd be interested, but only if there was a fee involved ($25 is fine). Hugh One is wise: Free leagues suck. Heck, we could even just scam the 32 Homers pay scheme, too. No reason to reinvent the wheel for a format probably none of us have played in before.


I'd be interested in the Bengals.

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