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  1. It's not really that bad
  2. Taylor, Tomlinson, Owens, Law, and Faneca.
  3. If that's the case Law shold be a shoe-in
  4. +
  5. You are hitting right on why I asked the question in the blatant, open manner I did. For all of the attention, especially from the players and the players union that is being put on concussions, when will head-hunting hits like that start to be considered 'dirty'. When I saw that hit, it looked likle Bud Dupree decided that he was going to knock Matt Moore out of the game. If knocking someone out, literally, is causing massive brain injury problems for football players, and everyone knows it, then isn't trying to knock out a defenseless player dirty? I am a Pats fan, and can't stand either team involved, so I was surprised at how pissed I was when I saw the hit. Frankly I thought Dupree should be ejected for recklessly trying to injure another player. IMHO he went after Moore with an unwelcome level of violent ferocity. I think the rules need to change, as I have felt in Hockey for a long time. You knock someone out of a game with an illegal hit, you go too. See ya when they get back on the field. Won't stop injuries, but it will make players think twice about spearing knees and smashing someone in the head.
  6. I thought most of the games were at least entertaining to watch, through 2.5 quarters
  7. Lineup submitted
  8. This could be the year...
  9. NE playing with no Brady, no Gronk, missing both starting tackles, missing Ninkovich, etc., had no business keeping up with that Arizona team in Arizona EXCEPT that, as the OP says, Arizona played soft as butter. Speaks to the toughness of NE and why BB should win COY pretty much every year. If AZ played up to their talent it would have been a complete blowout. It just shows how much coaching matters and that BB is the best there ever was.
  10. Game shouldn't have been that close. Losing never comes down to one play. Takes a whole game to get into that situation.
  11. Was there ever a doubt that this is true? In any case...what you say is usually true of whatever players you draft early. My point is that every draft is different and I don't like to try and force a strategy on one...except to wait until round 4-5 to start taking risks if I can.
  12. I'm a believer of taking a QB when the draft tells me to.
  13. The huddle is hugh-morous today