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District 9 movie


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I'm still waiting for an explanation of the huge plot holes.


I thought this is what true Sci-Fi is supposed to be... something possible, but just on the outside edge of today's reality. Maybe something that could happen tomorrow.


I was seriously disturbed by the

abortion scene

. The way the guy just non-chalantly pulled the cord, then had his assistant do it, then so calmly congratulated him on doing it the first time. On the one hand, that scene set the mood for the entire movie and I couldn't really enjoy it. On the other, it really drove home the point and made the movie that much better.


I won't be seeing it again, but think it was brilliantly disturbing.


They wanted to capture what a virus the human species can really be.

At first, we help the aliens, then we turn on them for our own gain (weapons). They needed permits and approval to reproduce and then we moved them into concentration camps. I think it was well done where the person in charge was laughing at aborting the aliens then as the movie progressed and he was becoming one of them was sympathetic towards them...this is exactly how most humans act/react seen in our history. The disturbing aspect is what I love and unfortunately is how we as a species have acted and continue to act present day.


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I agree completely except that I'm not so sure the

lead guy became sympathetic towards them as much as towards the alien father... tho I suppose that micro-relationship was a look at the possible macro. And yeah, we humans aren't very compassionate towards our own. I won't say any more as this isn't about politics, but the movie :wacko:



I do think that this movie would win several awards if you replaced the aliens with Ethiopians or something. Movie remiinded of "Hotel Rawanda" in a way.



But he did give up his "chance" of becoming human so the alien father can go save his species.


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I got the impression that this was just some kind of mining ship and that their homeworld was fine.




I meant his alien friends not his species sorry...he wanted to get help. My understanding was that the main guy knew this and said something like go before I change my mind and looked real sympathetic. Plus at that point 3 years didn't matter because it looked like it he was going to battle till he died


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Um . .. just got it from redbox . . watching it tonight. :D

I'd be curious to know what you think of it :wacko:


Surprised me how many people people in this thread really thought it was good (or perhaps just said they did because someone else did). I really did hate it but that doesnt mean other people cant enjoy it. To each their own...

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We recently rented it and enjoyed it alot - even my wife did. I found it to be very originial and rather different from other movies about aliens and the like. I went into it thinking that it would be a big cinematic metaphor for race relations but it really wasn't. I guess I enjoyed it so much because I did not know what was going to happen. It's one of the best movies I have seen in a while. Not sure what people did not enjoy about it. You have to admit it was different.

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