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Amy Winehouse on the Scale


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i have to go back to the movie 'clueless' and say that she is a monet. looks great from afar, but up close it's a big ol' mess.


music wise i think everyone is hot on her because she is fusing some styles together, little jazz, little urban, enough pop to get the mainstream. anytime someone does this the critics go ga-ga.

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Does she write her own music? Kind of reminds me how over-rated Norah Jones won a bunch of awards a few years ago?

Norah Jones is a pretty great musician. She went to school at the University of North Texas on a music scholarship. UNT is known as the jazz school. Point being is that she can flat out play. She is however, extremely rude.

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This is what I meant by that skanky look..The coked up body doesnt do it for me. Probably couldnt hit it. Not a terrible grill though. Id let her play a tune on it.

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Hotness -- About a -10, skanky (she looked better several years ago (+3) but the drugs have taken there toll. She has that 2 dollar BJ in the ally appeal.


Talent - 8, The Rehab song is one of her weaker songs IMO. 60's throwback, bluesy kinda sound. I like it.

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