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Funny Names


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This has probably been posted some time or another, but I just relived a little of the past so to speak. I see alot of famous or weird names as a mail carrier, but the one that topped them all just reappeared today. This guy on the route next to mine(in the office) showed me this a few years back. I did his rote quite a few times myself and always got a chuckle. Well, the name reappeared today on a piece of junk mail. The guy was Vietnamese I believe but his name was :drumroll: Phuc Yu. I am absolutely not kidding. I get a :D everytime I think of it. Today was more like a :wacko: as it had been awhile since I saw the name. Even if you say his last name first it comes out Yu Phuc. :D

Just wondering if any of you have seen any funny/weird names and if you can top that one. I've seen famous names before like a lady named Alice Cooper. A guy named Jimmy Hendrix(Jimi spelled his this way). Hell, I even have a semi-famous name, although a bit tarnished now. Years ago I was invited to be on the Late Show because of my name(1999, If I remember correctly). It was a fun trip and one that I'll never forget. I still have the tape of the show that they sent me(have to convert it to DVD). I even remember a kid in grade school by the name of Richard Meharey. He went by Dick. Imagine the gym teacher's surprise when he said his last name first... Meharey, Dick. :moon:

Let's hear the weird/funny names.

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I've had many students over the year with funny names, especially because we are in an area where there are alot of foreigners moving in (Indians mostly).


Here are a few I remember off the top of my head;










Most had either Patel of Shah for the last name.

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from the thread BJ dug up:


I didn't know him, but there was a kid in a nearby school named Peter Wacker.


I went to school with Karrie Hunt. (switch the first letters of each name)


A girl I know named Summer married a guy with the last name of Flowers. Summer Flowers. Awwwwww.

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When I was in college, I bussed tables at this restaurant. The dude who owned the place's name was Hisuk Dong. F'ed up thing is that he and his family moved here from Korea when he was like 12 years old. Imagine your first day of middle school when they introduce you to the class. I mean, it's cool, because 7th graders are all really accepting types and never make fun of things like that.

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My next door neighbor growing up was named Johnny Dick.

My dentist's name is Anita Fok.


When I was a kid, the local radio sports announcer's name was Dick Nickels. We had to do some creative project in HS where the storyline involved a broadcast of some sort. We used the name Penis Dimes.

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A guy I know was going through med school and served a rotation in an inner city clinic.


Well, in med school he was running one of those 72hr shifts ... got a little loopy after about 48hrs ... and some lady came in and he had to deliver her kid.


She didn't have a name picked out, so she asked him what he thought she should name ner newborn son.


Without thinking, he suggested she name him after the Greek god of masculinity.


She thought that sounded like a good idea, but she didn't know what that god's name was.


He answered: Test-a-cleeze


She liked it ... but asked him to fill out the birth certificate.


He wrote down "Testicles Johnson".

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