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We signed Pacman!

Whiskey Pimp

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I guess he's not allowed in the country. Doesn't Vegas have a team in the UFL he can go play for?
Does Pacman have an actual conviction on his record? I know he's had all sorts of legal issues, but has anything significant actually stuck?
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Apparently (from Jim Rome), Pacman screwed the pooch once again when he Youstreamed (never heard of it) a video bashing the CFL before there was even ink on the paper. The coach said "piss off, eh" with the little twits arogant attitude.


Here's more on that, as posted on MFL thru KFFL:


(KFFL) Paul Friesen, of the Winnipeg Sun, reports an internet video that free-agent CB Adam Jones streamed live Tuesday, Sept. 1, reportedly ended Jones' chances of signing with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers of the Canadian Football League. In the video, Jones said he was still looking for an NFL contract. Jones said, "I've got a clause in my contract, when I get a call from an NFL team I can go over. I actually got two calls today, so if they tell me tomorrow that Pacman's back, that'd be a bummer for all my Winnipeg fans. Go to the UFL and do my thing and get ready for a playoff run in the NFL, you know what I'm sayin'?" During the video, someone called Jones to remind him that Winnipeg was in the CFL and not the new UFL.

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