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Bold Prediction Time


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People will get sick of me reminding them all season long how I was right about Jerome Harrison when I spent the preseason pimping him like nobodys business.

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1. Henry Muto will only draft Randy Moss in 34% of his 119 leagues but will mention it in over 50% of his posts.


2. One sunday this fall, the entire first page of the main forum will consist exclusively of "Is Player X playing?", "Where is So-and-So?", "Anyone watching Game X?", "Did Player X get hurt?", etc type threads :wacko:

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The Texans make the playoffs.


The Chargers dont.


The only team I can see as being capable of preventing SD from winning the AFC West is OAK, and I think they're still at least a year away if they somehow manage to stay on their current course.


Who do you see unseating SD?

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