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For my 1,000th post I give you


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ahhh now i see why the padding was rampant today ... by the way, i'm a master at this.  just send them to me and i'll give you the definitive answer.






I see that. You blew right past me :D

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Mojo , congrats on 1000, but B :D:D bs are a mandatory 1000th post for newbs.

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:D Mojo! Would have been nice if they had comparison pics on that site.







you guys couldnt be more wrong, he gave you esteemed huddlers everything you have listed as a requirement for a noob's 1000th post.


since im sure mojoman knew linking directly to naked (.)(.)'s would result in his swift temporary banning from this mecca of fantasy football we call home. i shall come in here and save the day...who said noone reads the articles?


the link is a 2 page article...go to the second page, about halfway down you will see a paragraph titled " female body inspector". before that paragraph ends there are two resource links given...click on the first one. it is a link to a sex infomation website...no it wont tell you which porn is better than the other, but it does have a quiz.


in closing i have to say that was the highlight of my day and that mojo is truley the man.


thanks for that morale boosting website




and i almost forgot...90% not as easy as i thought

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not a master of padding ... a master of judging hooters!


although a pretty good padder as well ...  :D


padding ... hooters ... now i'm confused as to what is real.






You lost me too :D


I know I don't like padded hooters but I like patting hooters :D

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