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favorite beer


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If you like stouts, this is the one to try: Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout


I enjoy Belgian style ales: A current favorite of mine is Three Philosophers. Another one out there that's nice is Nostradamus.


Dogfish Head makes some nice brews as well.

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Additional stouts to consider: Murphy's Irish Stout (which I prefer over Guinness), Samuel Smiths Imperial Stout is also a good one.


If you like the sweeter stouts, Young's Double Chocolate Stout is a must.


For Belgian ales, I prefer Chimay. In order of preference, mine goes with the Blue, then the Red, then the White. I can find the large bottles of Chimay for about $12-$14 around here.


Bier hit it on the head with Hoegaarden, I also like Delerium (sp?) Tremens. Another you may like to try that is a bit lighter is Stella Artois. I must also highly recommend Karmelit Tripel.


Franziskaner :drool:, a must to try if you like wheat beers, Pulaner is also good, and Summitt brewery in St. Paul also makes a very good hefe-weize, but it's a seasonal brew.


If you want something really wild, try a lambic ale. I'm not a big fan of those, and I can't give you a specific one to try, but you can get some wild flavors from them.


Enjoy! :D

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My favorite beer is always the one in my hand. :D


However, I'm always a sucker for Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. :D







You need to try a Summit Extra Pale Ale then.


Although...not sure if you can find it outside of MN. :D

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MacTarnahans Amber

Alaskan Amber

Widmer Drop Top Amber


Redhook IPA

Bridgeport IPA


Blackhook Porter

any Oatmeal Stout

Redhook Nutbrown


Bass Pale Ale

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

Anchor Steam Pale Ale


Made a few and drank a lot of all :D

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If you are in PA there is Victory and Stoudts


Victory has Golden Monkey (Abbe style) and Hop Devil (very hoppy IPA, better than Sierra)


Stoudts has a Scarlet Lady IPA and my favoite is the Fat Dog Stout.


Both make about 8 styles and are somewhat seasonal

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