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What up?


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It all started with a move of our offices from north Dallas to downtown. Bosses tend to go psychotic, everyone does. Wife complaining because I worked 21 days in a row. It all came to a boiling point Sunday evening of wildcard weekend.


My boss told me to f*ck off and quit biitching that all I wanted to do was "go home get drunk, ignore my family and watch football."


After 21 days without a day off my retort was at least I didn't hide from my family in London over the holidays (He went to London with one of his kids over Thanksgiving).


He replied that his family wanted him to go. I simply laughed and said, "And you've even been sober for 14 years?"


In retaliation I have been banned from thehuddle at work.


This will be temporary. I am working on getting something better than netzero high speed dial-up at home in the meantime.


So in a cliaz-like fashion I've got an update as to what's been going on with me. :D


1) Taken Christmas $hit down from front yard;


2) Finished edging driveway, lining it with bricj edgers and tarping around the rose bushes and covering tarp with cedar mulch;


3) Discovered purevolume.com;


4) Lost 2 debit cards;


5) Saved enough Hot Pocket proofs of purchase to get a free "Crispy, Cheesy, Fast and Easy" t-shirt;


6) New tattooo has healed;


7) Converted from driver to DART passenger;


8) Scheduled appointment for new Rx for glasses to replace the pair I list 3 years ago;


9) Kicked out of 2 bars for virtually nothing;


10) Discovered pine chunks cat litter (tank, it is good stuff as far as cat litter goes);


11) Agonized @ the though of the Broncos winning the SUper Bowl as Azhole wins the Smackbowl;


12) Reveled in the failure of the worst family to ever afflict the NFL;


13) Failed to grasp what is so terrible about 2 year-olds; and,


14) Updating my resume.




Hope everyone is doing well.

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Great to hear everything is status quo for you Club, keep on, keepin on Bro!

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Welcome back beeyotch.







I've got 43 bands as favorites @ purevolume.com. CDs to be ready soon. You won't like a single song but it'll kill some time.


At least it won't be the steelers, right?







There's that.


Might be time to relocate back to Fargo.  :D







The divorce would be expensive.

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I've got 43 bands as favorites @ purevolume.com.  CDs to be ready soon.  You won't like a single song but it'll kill some time.


























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