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OK, I can't take it anymore

Swiss Cheezhead

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ehhh.. I say Swiss Miss is still better....



:D Thanks, bud. I believe my wife sets my personal standards for blondes, but once in a while, I admire a fiiiine brunette. Jill Wagner is just that.


will you be at WCOFF again this year?



Unfortunately, no, you won't be able to flirt with Swiss Miss again this year. :D I'll be in a 3-month training course to learn my new Air Force job from July through October. :D

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I have never seen that woman, or those Mercury commercials. Weird.


I'm a big fan of the hottie from Overstock.com. And most of the women from porn.



You mean the woman who is always talking about the "Big O"?

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I was just going to say that her name is Jill Wagner but I saw that someone else posted it. My wife worked on that campaign at her old company and dealt with the imagery on a daily basis.



Lucky wife. :D


Last night, I told my wife that Big Country paid her a compliment on The Huddle. Of course, I had to provide the context, which included me being so mesmerized by another woman that I had to post a topic in the Tailgate :D


Of course, soon thereafter, the newest Mercury commercial came on and there was Jill, in that seductively loose/tight blue blouse. I start yelling to my wife (who was, appropriately, in the kitchen), "This is the girl! The Mercury chick!"


Swiss Miss (after walking into view of the TV): "Oh, yeah. I've seen her before. She's hot in an 'athletic' sort of way."


Me (after a pause, I asked the one question I always ask to see if my taste in a particular female jives with my wife's): "So, would you make out with her?"


Swiss Miss: "I'd hike a mountain trail with her."


Me (confused, then more intrigued): "But then, afterward, would you make out with her?"


Swiss Miss: "Yeah, she's worthy."




It's fun to dream...

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