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I apologize for my actions awile ago....


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I have thought about my reactions to an administrators locked thread, and I was very immature about it. This is a great site and I am proud to be a member of it. I could have changed my name and come back with an alias, but that would have been cowardly. I am the "Gators" and always will be. I also have to admit that the whole Manning-Brady debate was getting boring for me too. I was frustrated that Manning scored 50 points against me 3 games in a row over 2 years including a playoff game. When I couldn't pry Manning from his owner to end the bleeding, I became frustrated and the Peyton bashing began.. So, sorry to all and I hope to add my opinion to future threads without being ridiculed or ignored.The ironic thing is that I try to instill integrity to my children on a daily basis. I know I acted like a brat and wanted to take my ball and go home. Man, is it boring at home with no one else to play with!

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Very classy post :D Don't worry, you should have seen the mess when I came on here many years ago. I got into a battle with Posty, Bronco Billy, and others, and they hated me with a passion. :D However, I kept the Menudo name intact, and now I am the most respected Huddler in the entire world, the best of the best........ :D:D:D

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It took some sack to come in and apologize. Good for you. My advice--go easy. In time, people (most of them) will forget the sh*t you pulled.

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Well, as you can see by some of the early responses, it may be an uphill battle. I would advise you to go easy, have a thick skin, and in time, with the proper effort on your end, your wish may come true.







You forgot to add "Grasshopper" at the end of your post :D

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