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Just Drafted With Retards...

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Lol I just drafted with idiots in my opinion. I had 7th pick in a ten team league. They claim they know FF but I just drafted the following team...


QB: Plummer (9), Leftwich (10), Delhomme (11)


RB: James (1), K. Jones (2), S. Jackson (4), J. Arrington (8)


WR: Walker (3), Wayne (5), D. Jackson (6), R. Smith (12)


TE: D. Clark (7), Troupe (13)


K: Wilkins (16)


D: Washington (15), Indy (14)


Start 1 QB, 2 RBs, 2 WRs, 1 Flex (RB/WR), 1 TE, 1 K, 1 D/ST

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While I do not like any of your QBs (not one is a top 10 pick), I like your RBs a lot and you are solid, but not spectalular, at WR. Your team looks very recession proof - you will have very few down weeks because of the quality and depth of your team. My only concern is that your team lacks some homerun power - No manning, culpepper or McNabb. No TO, Moss, Holt, or Harrison. No S. Alex, Priest, or LT.


I can see you looking to make a trade later in the season to bolster your team for a playoff run by adding one of the studs mentioned above. With the squad you have, you will be right in the thick of things, just needing a little more punch to take it all.


Good luck..


That's my take atleast.

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James looks like the only real steal at the 7th pick. Would have to see what the other teams look like to determine if these were steals or not.. if this is a 14 or 16 team league, then yes, a lot of steals, if a 10 or 12 team, a very solid team with some question marks at QB.

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I'd go with "good team"...I don't really like any of the QBs either....I think you've got a solid RB core as long as KJ and Jackson live up to their potential. I really don't see anything that qualifies the others in your league as "retarded".

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Lol Nobody must agree with the huddle rankings. Ive got Top 10 throughout if you go by those rankings. Nice inputs though. Im just likeing the RBs and WRs I got. The QBs are all mediocre on purpose. That is to play matchups. I didnt expect what is considered a great QB in the 9th round. All 3 will be used during the season based on who they play and Leftwich will be used during the playoffs since he plays Cle, Indy, and SF Weeks 14-16.

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No top 10 QBs...

1 top 10 RB...

1 top 10 WR..

who cares about top 10 TEs, Ks or DEF..


If this is a 10 team league, this is what anyone would expect. What do you mean by "Top 10 throughout"?


Sorry...the only way I'd get excited about this team is probably in a 14 team league. In a 12 team league I'd be moderately satisfied with the draft, but looking to improve my QB situation.


regardless...good luck with your season

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fishing expedition or is this serious? nothing special if you're asking me. good rbs and alright wr's but for a 10 team league, not that great a team. in fact i would venture to say that u won't make the playoffs. i'd have to look at the other teams, but i'd have to imagine that at least 3-4 of them have better squads than you. you would be better served dropping one of the defenses and playing the waiver wire and matchups week in and week out.

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You have a lock in James, but there are question marks around the rest of your RBs, I have a feeling (assuming you start two) you won't have a defined 'stud' as your #2 and will be playing matchups most the year (not a bad way to go). WRs are good, not great by any means and you are suspect at QB. No offense but this isn't worthy of 'Just Drafted with Retards', I would guess that there are better teams in your league than yours.

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