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Your biggest draft mistake.

Reservoir Dog

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Well it wasn't really much of a mistake at the time, but I drafted Vinny Testaverde in my first season playing fantasy football (must have been like 1997 or so). He was a great fantasy QB (especially with this league's scoring) and I had one of the last picks in the first round. I knew I was getting a solid RB (ended up being Dorsey Levens), so I took Vinny to ensure I had a stud QB. The draft was up in the Bay Area (at the time, I was living in SoCal) and was on the Saturday before opening Sunday. I flew home Sunday morning, and once I arrived, I turned my cell phone on to hear a barrage of voicemails from my new league mates telling me that Vinny had gone down about 3 plays in with a severe leg/foot injury. He was out for the year. DOH! Fortunately, I had grabbed some "no-name" QB as my backup. Rich Gannon... who ended up having a stellar fantasy season.


Edit: Take that back, it was the 1998/1999 season, and he had come off a season where he had 3,200+ yards and 29 TDs to only 7 INTs. And apparently he did go 10-15 in that first game before getting hurt. Gannon ended up throwing for 3,800+ with 24 TDs that season.

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Guest THEbigred
taking william green in that same dynasty league  :D






GDB you reminding me of my worst. fn pick 2.02 and Stephen Davis is just sitting there, but noooo


The kicker is I was bashing Green ever since he was drafted by the Browns as a "who tf?" pick, and a bad one.


If only I could stop drinking on draft days.

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Wow, there is some William Green :doah: :D in this thread. In 2003, I drafted Green as my number two back, and he was a disaster. I saved myself by getting DD off of waivers. By the way, I traded Green to some Browns homer for...get this...the Ravens defense! Swear to God! :D

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2003- Willie Green in the Second 2.04. Thank God I got Jamal Lewis @ 3.08 and went to the SB.


2004- Barlow at 2.02, I was torn between him and Dom Davis. I got C.Brown later and it helped somewhat, but I still took last place for the first time.


Green and Barlow seem to be a similar thread here. So who's going to be the RB bust for Round 2 this year??? :D


Ahman Green and Brian Westbrook are my top two guesses.

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My 1st draft ever, 1994, second round....Pete Stoyanovich. "Logic" being he will score a 160 points when the best running back might score 140 in our league.


What? All kickers score that much, oooooohhhhhh!

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