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Fathers Day presents

nuke'em ttg

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It can suck when you have 4 fathers between you and your wife. I have to take a loan out for this fasto. My old man never uses the gift we give him, no matter what it is and no matter for what holiday. My wife's biological father is a turd IMO but she still buys him a cheesey T Shirt or something. The other two are pretty good about gifts but my MIL expects like a $50 contribution toward a large gift for my FIL. He's a nice guy but not worth a $50 spot.


And this year my wife's Uncle is in from Virginia so a BBQ was planned at my BIL's house and my attendance is required. These aren't the most exciting people. Plus they just visited last year. Brutal. At least my BIL has a nice in ground pool but I know the ribs will be burned, the potato salad will suck, etc..


Sheesh, so much for Father's day. Won't be horrible but I'd like to just spend the day with my kids or a stripper.


These holidays can be a pain at times.


I guess I should stop complaining, could be worse I'm sure.

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Wife and kids are planning some suprise for me. Usually by now one of the kid's gives it away but so far no information leaks!

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I usually get shirts for work. I go to the N.Y Yankees official store which is right down the block from my job and load up my father with Yankees stuff. He absolutely love the Yankees watches every game religiously.

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I'm not getting anything on Sunday, because I just got a new HDTV. According to my wife that has me covered until Christmas.


For the 3 Dads in the family, two got gift cards online and the third got a new Tour Edge #6 Hybrid Wood. All three should be happy enough.

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Going to church that day, followed by a family barbecue at home and watching the U.S. Open (or anything else I want).


I can't wait! :D





My wife actually bought me a gift weeks ago and has been dying to give it to me. I've been doing my best to act disinterested, but it's killing me. :D She usually buys my gifts the day before they are to be given.


She is, however, exceptionally nice when those special days draw to a close. :D

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It is my first father's day so I am not sure what I will get. A day with the entire family would be good enough for me.


My 2nd. Though, I didn't get my 1st father's day present for almost 7 months afterwards. I hope you have better luck.

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