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What gets me the win Monday? Week 11.


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Travis Kelce not becoming superman tonight and scoring 50 points, will get me a victory. 

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Need a huge night from Mahomes - down 22 in low scoring league for QBs = will need over 350 yards and 3 TDs at least.  Possible but a long shot.

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Lots to be decided for me tonight.....

FFPC 12-team Redraft - I'm sitting in 2nd place, leading a 4-way tie at 6-4.  Eight of twelve teams have records between 4-6 and 6-4.  This week, I'm leading the 3rd place team by 90 going into tonight, but he still has Hurts, AJ Brown, Rashee Rice, and Butker.  I'm "projected" to hang on and win by about 25, but a big game from Hurts and/or Brown and anything could happen.  A win this week would be huge, as the #1 team in the standings, as well as the three teams behind me (all 6-4, including my opponent), are all projected to lose this week.  

DW3 Dynasty - Up 32 with Byard versus Skyy Moore and DB McDuffie. Like my chances. 

FDSB Dynasty - I'm up 59, with three players left each.  I've got Smith, LB Cunningham, and DB Sneed.  He's got Mahomes, Swift, and DB Byard.  Probably good here.  

CA Huddle Redraft - Up 28 with Pacheco against KC Defense.  Should be safe. 

Local 12-team Redraft - Up 19 with Pacheco against Mahomes.  Old-school no PPR scoring, so I like my chances, but you never know with Mahomes.  I might be sweating this one out. 

Local Keeper - Up 15, with Brown/Kelce going against Mahomes/Swift.  This could be close. 

DW2 Dynasty - I'm up by one tenth of a point, with Kelce and Justin Reid against Hurts.  Ugh.  Another nail-biter, possibly. 

ConFusion Dynasty - Down 51, but I've got Mahomes, Smith, Cunningham, and Byard left. Let's go!

YODT BOTH Dynasty - Down 20 with Kelce left.  This is 1.5PPR for TE's, so I definitely have a chance.  8/80 would get me close.  Might come down to whether or not he scores. 

HFA 32-team Dynasty - Down 15 with Mahomes vs D Smith and Tranquill.  Slim chance, but you never know, I suppose.  

Weapons of DMD Redraft - Burrow and Tee Higgins have killed me in this league.  I'm up 10, but facing Kelce and Gainwell. Partial PPR with low scoring overall, but I'm probably done here.  

DAF Dynasty - Up by exactly one point, but he's got DB Blankenship left.  Stick a fork in me.  


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3 leagues are settled (2-1). lost by 1.6 on that last td by sutton

2 close games

i have an 8 pt lead with kelce and rice vs hurts

i am down 4 in ffpc with kelce vs butker (lost burrow and jones :rant:  )

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I went nutso in my Guillotine league, high scorer already with Devonta Smith yet to play.  I'm getting hot at the right time.

Likely going to lose in my 16-team work league, because I'm only up by 42ish points and opponent has AJ Brown, Swift (D'Andre, not Taylor) and Pacheco.  Ugh.

Up 42.5 on @Big Countryin a 12-team redraft but he has Swift and Kelce.  Gonna be close, probably.   Kelce is gonna get his, need Swift to stay out of the endzone.

Down almost 39 to @Def.in a 12-team redraft but I have Jalen Hurts and Swift.  Soooo.... :shrug:

Down almost 70 to @JimboTonka in a 12-team IDP dynasty, ugh.  Still have Devonta Smith, Kelce and Reed Blankenship (Philly safety) but he has Pacheco and Harrison Butker.  Not gonna happen.

Up about 88 in a 16-team IDP dynasty to @WallStTycoons but he has Chris Jones (KCC DT), Drue Tranquill (KCC LB) and James Bradberry (PHI CB).  I do have L'Jarius Sneed (KCC CB) to alleviate any potential comeback.  Should be good here, but I lost Burrow moving forward.  :(

Up 31 on @RodneyRules in a 12-team IDP dynasty and he has Justin Reid (KCC safety).  I SHOULD be good here but this year has been dumb.

Up 18 on @JimboTonka in another dynasty, but he has Mike Edwards (KCC safety).  I have Justin Reid.  Should be good.

Need 16 out of Willie Gay to beat @Pope Flick in a 12-team IDP dynasty.  Probably not happening, and I probably want to lose in order to improve draft stock anyways.

In a 12-team IDP dynasty, I'm down 13 but have Jerick McKinnon.  They have Hurts and Blankenship so I'm toast.

Good luck to all!

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11 minutes ago, Montana is da Man said:

I need Kelce to outscore Butker by 9 points

That is going to be tight!  

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6 hours ago, SeductiveNun said:

Guillotine, full PPR, need less than 12 points from Devonte Smith tonight or I’m chopped

You're my opponent.  The in game injuries to Andrews and Archane have put me in a precauious situation.  The injury to Burrow also didn't help Chase's state line.

Edited by Bobby Brown
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3 hours ago, Bobby Brown said:

You're my opponent.  The in game injuries to Andrews and Archane have put me in a precauious situation.  The injury to Burrow also didn't help Chase's state line.

You’re guillotinegoober? I had no idea. :lol:

Congrats on living to fight another day. :tup:

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13 hours ago, Yoyo said:

Need 41 points to win my .5 ppr game.

He's finished.

I have Mahomes and AJ. Hoping for a shootout. 

So, you're saying I have a chance.😁

Well, AJ killing me, and Pat and KC just not getting it done either.  Thankfully the guy that I'm tied with for 4th got Swifted for a loss too.

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AJ Brown and his 1 rec for 8 yards definitely screwed over some teams tonight.  The team in my league was behind by less than 5 points and had Brown going up against Elliott and he lost. That's crushing, would never have bet that would've happened. 

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